Posted 27th July 2023

The Sweet Range Expands: Discover the Ultimate Patio Handle Solution

Brisant Secure unveils the new Sweet patio handle, another addition to their innovative door hardware lineup. 

The Sweet range has gained a strong reputation for its superior weather resistance, surpassing the industry standard of a mere 10-day weather testing. Through rigorous testing conducted over an entire year, the Sweet hardware has proven to be a fit and forget type system, capable of withstanding the most challenging weather conditions.

Designed to complement the existing Sweet range, the Sweet Patio Handle boasts an edgeless backplate. This innovative feature not only enhances the handle’s aesthetics but also makes it more challenging for potential burglars to gain a grip and attempt to rip off the handle. 

A testament to the company’s commitment to quality, Brisant Secure offers an unprecedented 20-year promise with every Sweet Patio Handle purchase. This guarantee assures customers that the handle will maintain its functionality and appearance for two decades, making it a valuable and lasting investment.

The Sweet patio handle is now available for purchase, offering homeowners the assurance of a patio handle that not only excels in performance but also enhances the overall aesthetic appeal of their doors. With a wide range of colors to choose from, including the popular anthracite, you can now customise your patio doors to your desired style.

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