Posted 20th October 2016

Licensed Ultion Key Centres


Demand for extra Ultion keys has grown enormously as Ultion becomes the 3* lock of choice for door manufacturers. Inevitably this leads to imitation Ultion keys being produced, on-line retailers displaying prices on the internet and eBay sales.

We handle these instances as they occur because we are keen to ensure that our independent locksmith customers get maximum benefit from the rise of Ultion.

For further protection we’re developing the Ultion Key Centre initiative and are issuing license numbers for our customers to prove that they are a recognised Ultion Key Centre using genuine Ultion key blanks.

How will customers know what to look for?

The new keycard on all Ultion keys will warn the customer of the risks with non-genuine Ultion keys and direct them to a web page with full details.


New webpage

The new ‘Genuine Keys’ page (on the right) explains what can go wrong with badly cut or imitation key blanks. The customer can check the validity of license numbers here. Click here to visit the new page.

How does a locksmith become licensed

All active Brisant customers are licensed Ultion Key Centres. ‘Active’ is any customer who is consistently selling Brisant locks, this can be either E, D, BS, MLA or Ultion.  Buying Ultion key blanks alone is not a qualification criteria. We support independent locksmiths not national chains. These changes will redirect customers from unlicensed locksmiths currently sourcing keys from third parties.

Sending you customers

The Ultion website is where customers register for the free £1000 guarantee. This site gets around 2000 visitors every week.  Customers can enter their postcode and they will get the details of their 3 nearest licensed Key Centres.  Licensed Ultion Key Centres are listed on this directory by adding any of the Ultion banner links to their own website.

What is my license number?

Your license number is at the top of the login area of the Brisant website.  Downloadable logos featuring your license number are also here.

An information leaflet containing all of the above has been sent to all of our customers. Download a copy here.