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Security. Beyond the lock.

Strength doesn't have to be big and ugly. Watch how packing the small curved form of the Ultion handle withstands a brutal test by a Master Locksmith.

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Looks great for good.

The curved form repels the elements as easily as it does intruders. Salty water was still rolling off the Ultion handle and its 6 coats of armour-plating after a year in the weather test chamber. Normal handles come out after just 10 days.

1 Star + 2 Star =


No weakpoints. No compromises.

25% Denser than Iron
Strength and Beauty

25% denser than iron.

The seamless curves that house the molybdenum cylinder shield aren't just for show — they also provide supreme protection against both drilling and the most common form of attack: lock-snapping. The handle can’t be ripped from the door to expose the lock because grip tools just slide off the curve.

We've got your back

Deep protection.

The fully-reinforced Ultion handle won’t be crushed by mole grips, and the fixings thread perfectly through the hardened steel bosses to stop twisting. Within the hardened steel shroud, the Ultion lock piles on more lock-snapping protection with sacrificial elements and a molybdenum core.

Deep Protection
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Security. Guaranteed.

This fusion of our Ultion Star lock with the 2 star Ultion handle delivers the maximum 3 star Kitemark security, and is a Police preferred specification. All backed by our £2000 security guarantee.

Security Guaranteed
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Strong. Beautiful. Colourful.

The Ultion 2 star handle is available in anthracite, white, gold, stainless steel, black, chrome, and rose gold. Take your pick.