Posted 30th July 2015

Ultion’s new website helps installers sell doors

Ultion's website

Brisant-Secure has a new website dedicated to Ultion, its high quality, high security cylinder door lock. Ultion is the lock that locks. The website is designed to help fabricators and installers sell more doors to homeowners.

Brisant CEO Steve Stewart says: “The website uses strong images, powerful videos and compelling facts. It’s an easy to use site that’s ideal for educating homeowners and generating enquiries for installers. It hasn’t been live for a full week yet and already we’ve had over 150 visitors in one day, which is great for such a new site.”

Ultion’s story is that hooks and shootbolts depend on cylinder locks, so the cylinder is the only thing that stands in the way of someone walking into your home and taking all the valuables they can find. If you’ve left your car keys in view, burglars often drive away in your car if it’s parked outside. The website explains the significant difference a high security cylinder can make to home security and the big difference between Ultion and other cylinders. Most cylinders, including those awarded three stars, can be disabled in under a minute. But in the real life Sold Secure Diamond test skilled MLA locksmiths couldn’t get past Ultion after 2.5 hours of rigorous testing.

“The website aims to help the industry sell more doors by giving fabricators and installers the opportunity to sell real security,” adds Steve. “People want to protect their home and their family from burglars, and Ultion does just that. Intruders can’t get in through the door because Ultion really does beat the burglars.”

Ultion’s website is live at