Posted 05th April 2017

Ultion’s Keyring links security with smart home technology


Keyring, designed for Ultion keys, is the new smart technology from Brisant Secure. Keyring uses TrackR technology to connect Ultion keys to smartphones using Bluetooth so homeowners can find their key quickly and easily.

When homeowners misplace their key, the TrackR app shows where it was when it was last in range of their phone. They can make the key literally ring using a button on the app. It works the other way around too. When homeowners lose their phone in the house and it’s on silent, they can make it ring using Keyring. The TrackR app also links with Amazon Echo, so homeowners can make their phone ring by voice command too.

Keyring is available for homeowners with Ultion to buy from It has an integral battery and buzzer, and fits within an Ultion Keycap. Homeowners can either buy Keyring at initial order (from £29.95) or buy it separately to clip it into an existing Keycap. It’s available in 10 bright colours, with two glow-in-the-dark Night Bright options. Keyring can be specified in the same colour as the Keycap or a different one to stand out.

Brisant CEO Nick Dutton says: “Keyring means homeowners won’t have to frantically search their home for their keys again. They can see it’s in their house using the map on the app, and then they can ring to locate it behind the sofa, or in the kids’ toy box.

“Developments in smart technology take the stress out of day-to-day life, and Keyring is part of that,” adds Nick. “Ultion isn’t just the best cylinder lock, it’s fast becoming a piece of must-have smart home technology.”