Posted 08th June 2023

Ultion Bolt – The multi-bolt lock.

Ultion Bolt

Ultion, is excited to unveil Ultion Bolt, a groundbreaking auto-fire lock designed to transform the way lever handle doors are sold. Ultion Bolt removes the need to lift the door handle, providing a hassle-free locking solution that enhances door functionality and security.

Composite door manufacturers have always recommended homeowners to lift the handle, as it reduces the occurrence of thermal movement or bowing. Ultion Bolt addresses this issue directly by bringing an auto-fire lock to lever handle doors. This means that even if the door has bowed and one of the locking points cannot engage, Ultion Bolt ensures that the door remains secure. The door is constantly bolted, minimising the chances of movement and maximising security.

Ultion Bolt also introduces the convenience of smart functionality. The lock comes with a transmitter pocket, allowing homeowners to make their door smart by adding the Ultion Nuki transmitter. By utilising the built-in magnet on the lock strip, the door can report its status as open or closed. Additionally, with Ultion Nuki’s auto-unlock feature, homeowners can set the door to automatically lock and unlock without the need for a key or phone. This seamless integration of Ultion Bolt and Ultion Nuki offers homeowners unparalleled convenience and peace of mind.

As part of the Ultionverse, Ultion Bolt seamlessly integrates with a comprehensive range of security solutions. Trade customers can now benefit from Ultion’s complete suite of products, including lock mechanisms, handles, and cylinders, all designed to provide unmatched protection, seamless integration, and an exceptional user experience.

With Ultion Bolt, trade customers can elevate their offerings and redefine their customers’ expectations. To learn more about this groundbreaking slam lock and explore the limitless possibilities of the Ultionverse, visit