Posted 08th January 2024

Ultion: The Superior Partner to Secure Homes Against Burglary

If you’re in the trade, you know home security is not just a matter of convenience. In a world filled with uncertainties, the choice of a door lock can be the difference between peace of mind and vulnerability.

For this article, we’ve talked with Jason Gould, who’s an Ultion seller and owner at Doctor Locks. He’s an experienced locksmith and provides his services in Birmingham. He revealed to us a fascinating testimonial and discussed how you can use Ultion to secure your clients’ homes once and for all. Read along to find out about a break-in that almost went unnoticed.

Imagine waking up to this call…

In a candid conversation, Jason shares his experience of responding to an emergency call. His client woke up to a tampered front door cylinder and loose back door handle. His client thought he was safe and just needed to change his locks. Little did he know that the intruders had made off with both BMWs from his property. The locksmith swiftly replaced the compromised cylinders (and five other locks) with Ultion locks, reinforcing not just the door but the homeowner’s confidence.

Locksmith Tips to Prevent Burglaries

Jason says the current landscape is rather frustrating. Customers are unaware of the risks of cheap lock cylinders. “They don’t believe that it’s gonna happen to them.” The DIY fad and the “it won’t happen to me” attitude combine to create even more emergency calls.

It’s easy to install modern lock cylinders. The thing is, only you’ll pay attention to the details that make all the difference. Clients will spend all day shopping for the wrong cylinder. They will be influenced by brands with only marketing backing them up and little real results. In the end, they might buy a lock they don’t need, perform a poor installation job, and contact you to solve their problems.

Choosing Ultion: A Wise Investment in Security

Jason also reveals that, even in wealthy neighbourhoods, customers still use cheap Euro cylinders that don’t secure their homes effectively. We know clients are not always well-informed when it comes to door locks and tend to opt for the cheapest options, so it’s your job to keep them in the know and help them choose the safest option to secure their home.

Following a short break from Ultion, Jason has switched back to it. The results were incredible. Whenever his customers choose another brand or call him with problems with competitor locks, he frowns. Ultion is more reliable, durable, and secure, he says.Be like Jason and don’t compromise on the safety of your customers – learn more about Ultion here.