Posted 29th February 2016

Ultion launches free 10 year £1,000 guarantee against snapping



Brisant Secure is offering homeowners a free 10 year £1,000 guarantee against burglary as a result of snapping with Ultion locks. Ultion is the high security cylinder door lock that keeps the burglars out.

Homeowners register their newly installed Ultion lock online at Then if their home is burgled as a result of Ultion being snapped in the following 10 years, they claim their £1,000.

Brisant CEO Steve Stewart says: “We’re putting our money where our mouth is. We know Ultion provides homes with real security and it’s designed to withstand all known attacks, including snapping. Most anti-snap locks snap quite quickly. Ultion doesn’t, so the guarantee makes this more obvious, and helps installers sell more doors.”

Ultion has achieved Sold Secure Diamond (SSD), a real-life security test most cylinders can’t pass. MLA locksmiths try to break the cylinder in any way they know, using a vast choice of tools. And they can spend as long as they like doing it.

“We don’t expect to have to pay out,” adds Steve. “But there’s a counter on our website, so you’ll know if we do!”

There are two Ultion stands at the FIT Show; AT14 and AT51. Find out what selling Ultion security can do for your business.

To find out more about Ultion and its guarantee visit or follow @UltionLock.