Posted 18th April 2016

Ultion gets everywhere at FIT!

Ultion gets everywhere at FIT Show

Ultion appeared on more than eight stands at FIT as the industry continues to switch to the high security cylinder door lock from Brisant Secure.

Brisant CEO Steve Stewart says: “Fabricators and installers are using Ultion as a significant selling point, and used it as a draw to the FIT Show. Every visitor received an Ultion key to try in the door at Universal Arches. Ultion even appeared on T-shirts worn by the Solidor & Residor teams as they promoted Ultion security as standard in all their doors and the free £1,000 Ultion guarantee for homeowners.”

The free 10 year £1,000 guarantee against burglary by lock snapping gives homeowners confidence that the door they’re buying is secure. Ultion provides homes with real-life security having passed Sold Secure Diamond tests that best reflect real-life attacks. Brisant’s recent report revealed that 85% of homeowners rate security as the most important factor when buying a new door.

“The videos on our website ( show Ultion protecting homes in attacks where most other locks fail, so it’s easy for homeowners to see the security it gives them,” continues Steve.

“Both fabricators and installers are finding that real-life security sells doors. It’s what homeowners want, and if you can prove you have it, the door is an easy sell.”

To find out more about Ultion security visit, call 01924 455 444, or follow @UltionLock.