Posted 18th January 2022

Protecting against blow torch attacks

It has again been reported in national press that homes are being broken into by burglars’ blow torching doors to snap locks.  Two years ago, we recorded an Ultion lock being attacked in this way to assure our customers that they were safe.

The blow torch method is a variation of lock snapping. With three-star Secured by Design (Police Preferred Specification) locks, such as Ultion, this will not work.   The door will stay locked and the intruders will stay outside. Once attacked the damaged door and lock will need to be repaired, but at least your family and belongings stay safe inside. 

Once a burglar has failed to get through the door, they are unlikely to try and break a window.  They will be anxious about the amount of time and noise already made and are more likely to just move on.

In response to the recent press stories, we want again to assure our customers and those with other three-star Secured by Design locks that they are safe against blow torch attacks and the lock being snapped.  

Burglars are forever looking for new entry methods and lock snapping is not new news to them, unfortunately it is to too many homeowners. Upgrading to locks that give protection to the Secure By Design Police Preferred Specification standard like Ultion, is often a much quicker and less expensive process than many consider. We would urge homeowners that a quick and relatively inexpensive answer is to upgrade all external locks on their house.