Posted 05th January 2022

New Key Profile for Ultion

The latest Ultion 3*plus (WXM) lock launched in October at MLA Expo is the most advanced Ultion yet and features many security developments, one of which is an enhanced key profile. 

Whilst staying true to the original WXM design ethos, the new shape creates an improved glide action. The original WXM key profile was tested to 1.1m cycles (compared to 100,000 test requirement), it is expected that the smoother glide of the new profile will beat this previous record. Ultion locks and keys are precision engineered to work perfectly with each other. 

The new key profile adds protection for the homeowner too.  The periodic key profile change and now using reserved legacy key codes on the latest locks, reduces the risk of homeowners being sold keys made from counterfeit key blanks.  By using genuine Ultion key blanks the lock guarantee is not invalidated and removes any risk of damage.  

The new Ultion key blank is backwards compatible so approved Ultion Centres can continue to cut keys for both models using the new blank.