Posted 04th February 2016

CWG Choices customers can upgrade to Ultion on all doors

CWG Choices customers upgrade to Ultion on any door

CWG Choices customers can now upgrade to Ultion on all its doors. Ultion is Brisant Secure’s flagship high security cylinder lock.

CWG Choices Director Jason Wilder says, “I’d heard about Ultion from a few different sources, including Solidor, so I looked into what it might add to our range. When I saw Ultion’s accreditations, I was impressed. We had to take it on.”

Ultion has achieved Sold Secure Diamond (SSD). It’s passed a series of real-life security tests carried out by Master Locksmiths Association locksmiths. There is no time limit on SSD tests, and if the cylinder breaks, it fails. If it doesn’t, it passes. Most cylinders fail the test within 1½ minutes. The MLA locksmiths stopped trying to break in after 2½ hours.

“The best part about Ultion, aside from its impressive security, is its versatility,” explains Jason. “It means that we can offer it on all our doors, no matter how thick or how thin, so every one of our customers can buy any of our doors with ultimate security.”

Brisant Secure CEO Steve Stewart says: “Ultion isn’t just for one type of door, it’s designed so anyone can sell real security on all their doors. CWG Choices is another great addition to the Ultion club. It’s encouraging to see the industry upgrading the security it sells.”

For more information on CWG Choices visit or call 01536 271940.

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