Posted 14th April 2023

Consort take Ultion and Sweet as Standard

Consort and Brisant have joined together, with Consort offering the Ultion three-star lock and Sweet door furniture as standard on all of their doors.  

Simon Holt, Consort MD says, “We know the Ultion brand and know that product-wise you won’t get any better.  We offer our customers the very best.  They want a product that is going to last and a brand they know.”  Holt wants his customers to be able to offer their customers a product with a twenty-year corrosion guarantee and a handle shape which helps massively with security, in addition to a three star lock.  

Holt adds, “When people are buying a front door, they want to know that it’s going to be secure and no one will get through it and it’s going to last and look good. We can cover all those things with our partnership with Brisant. On a Consort composite door, you have an Ultion security handle and a three-star rated cylinder as standard.”

In addition to confidence in the product, Holt says, “Brisant has the same values as Consort.  It’s a family run business and the customer service is excellent.  At Consort, we are also known for fantastic customer service.  I’m not saying that we get it right all the time, who does?  But what we do is go back and look after people.  We have customers who have been with us from day one.  What I find with Consort is that we have core customers, say a hundred companies that have been with us for thirty years.  Many of our customers are leaving their businesses to the children and the second generation is coming through.”

Holt says, “I whole heartedly believe is that we have a good product.  If you stand still, you move backwards.  What we need to do is offer our customers the best product that we feel we can offer. In addition, the innovation side of it is important to us.  Customers want new and different and if someone wants it, you want to be able to say, ‘yes we provide that.’  We want to offer our customers the whole package.  Smart stuff is becoming more important.  More and more people are going that way. People are getting more technical with their houses.  That’s why we want to offer our customers Ultion Nuki.”

Finally Holt says, “We put the best windows and doors on the market.  I really believe that.  We make a good product and it remains a family run business. If a customer needs something desperately, we will always move hell and high water to try and get it to them.  For Ultion and Brisant being a partner in that it helps.  It’s not a customer, supplier relationship.  It’s about working with people you know you can work with, and I know I can do that with Alex.”

Alex Dutton, Brisant Sales Director says, “Having Consort on board with providing our Sweet furniture and Ultion lock as standard on their composite doors is excellent news, the companies have a similar ethos on speed and quality of customer service, along with striving for innovation and excellence.  We look forward to a long partnership.”