Posted 28th May 2019


Brisant's Smart Connection Lock, Connects with FIT Visitors-web
The new connected Ultion saw the Brisant team connect with lots of the industry at the FIT Show. Known for innovation they formed a partnership with Salto, integrating their Smart technology with their Sweet handle, along with Ultion, to create the ultimate smart locking solution. The team on the Brisant stand were joined by representatives from Salto to help show everyone how simple, yet effective Ultion SMART is.

Ultion SMART enables users to lock and unlock an entrance door using a smartphone or voice commands using a smart assistant.  As written by Active JR, a tech blogger, “Smart locks provide a new home experience with the ability to customise who can access your home and when, lock or unlock your door from anywhere with your smartphone.” Ultion SMART can be fitted quickly and easily to an existing door, supporting any locking system that uses a euro cylinder.

The Brisant stand also saw an increasing number of locksmiths who have expanded their businesses to doors and they showed great interest in Ultion WXM.  This new generation lock has additional features which adapt Ultion to meet the needs of a changing market place.

The additional molybdenum and exclusive new plug address the ever-increasing pressure on euro cylinders, with new door styles and multi-point locking systems.  This strengthening is coupled with the thicker key shape and composition. Brisant is committed to ensuring that Ultion WXM keeps everyone safe in their own homes.

Always keen to provide added extras, there is a torch set into the new Ultion keycap, perfect for winter nights when the homeowner is struggling to see their lock. Brisant’s design winning door furniture, Sweet, was also at the show.  The new square letter plate option and stainless wrapped design was also hugely popular.

CEO Nick Dutton said, “All new products are available for pre-order now and we’ll be delivering from the end of June. Thanks to everyone that came to see our products, this really is an exciting time for us and our customers.”