Posted 01st December 2019


Brisant Secure - Directors - web
Brisant-Secure is the eighteenth fastest growing company in the UK, according to the Sunday Times Virgin Atlantic Fast Track 100, published on Sunday December 1st 2019.  Brisant believes this is down to two factors.

The Fast Track 100 is measured over a three-year period.  During the years of this report homeowners have become more aware of their home security weaknesses and after doing very little research, they realise that unskilled intruders can be in their home in under 10 seconds. They then start searching for the best protection possible. The Sunday Times reports Brisant’s Ultion and Lock Lock sales growth at 111% every year for these 3 years.

“What separates our products is designing them to achieve as much as possible and not down to a standard. Whether it be doing a 1,100,000 lock cycles when only 100,000 are needed, 8000+ weather test hours when 240 are needed or having the only Sold Secure accredited door handle on the market”, says CEO Nick Dutton. “We then provide really powerful tools for our customers to relay this message to their customers. There is homeowner demand for the best, and when they realise how little the cost difference is between normal and best, they buy it.”

It’s not just business growth in which this is reflected. The Ultion Facebook page now has over 18,000 followers and the Ultion website see’s over 40,000 unique visitors every month.

Nick continues, “All at Brisant are incredibly proud of what our effort and product demand has achieved. Seeing how demand has continued through 2019 we’re hopeful of making it into next year’s list as well!”