Posted 14th January 2022

Brisant-Secure accredited by the Living Wage Foundation

Brisant-Secure pays the Real Living Wage to all employees and has been offered accreditation by the Living Wage Foundation.

It is the only wage independently calculated based on rising living costs, including fuel, energy, rent and food.  The accreditation is public acknowledgement that everyone is paid enough to live on.

Nick Dutton, CEO of Brisant-Secure said, “It is the right thing to do for our co-workers – a team with good working wages means they are in a better position to provide excellent service to our customers. At the end of the day, it has to be right to pay people enough to live in the real world.”

The Real Living Wage Foundation say that the additional benefits are proven lower staff turnover as employees feel valued for their contribution.  The wage, which outside London is £9.90 per hour, is based upon people being able to buy healthy food, run a warm house and ‘being able to buy the kids a birthday treat.’

Brisant-Secure is known for innovation within marketing and product development but wanted to ensure that the business was blazing a trail for best practice within business as well. 

Currently, no supermarket has been offered accreditation, but many companies are starting to realise that it is the best way to show support for their team members.   Brisant-Secure believes it is the minimum standard to which all businesses should aspire.