Posted 29th May 2015

Brisant launches Ultion: The lock that locks

Ultion The lock that locks

Brisant has launched Ultion, a high quality, high security cylinder that offers real security. The anti-snap, anti-drill and anti-bump cylinder is the solution for the window and door industry where security, despite its selling power, is more often a matter of perception than real protection.

Brisant CEO Steve Stewart comments: “Containing four sacrificial anti-snap sections, twelve hardened steel pins, four anti-drill plates and a unique lockdown mode that activates when attacked, Ultion is the most secure lock on the market and we continue to develop it so it stays the best.”

“The industry relies heavily on cheap £3 Euro Cylinders that can be breached in under a minute,” says Steve. “These cylinders are the only thing that stands in the way of someone walking into a property and taking all the valuables they can find, often driving away in the homeowner’s vehicle parked outside.”

Steve explains: “W
hen spending £1,000 to £3,000 on a new door protected by secure looking hooks and bolts, you expect it to be secure. But a door is only as secure as the cylinder. Hardware standards are complicated and confusing, so people think they mean more than they do. Many anti-snap cylinders can actually be snapped in well under a minute, so installers are selling doors with much less security than they think.”

Ultion is one of only two cylinders to have achieved the Master Locksmith Association’s (MLA) Sold Secure Diamond, the only test for real security. It is awarded to cylinders that cannot be broken by any attack. Tests are carried out by skilled locksmiths who try all known methods for gaining entry and can spend as long as they like trying to break the cylinder. Steve adds: “Trained MLA locksmiths worked for 2.5 hours and couldn’t break it. Ultion really is the lock that locks.”