Posted 20th December 2021

Brisant launch Ultion 2 Star Plus Security Handle

Brisant welcomes the New Year 2022 with the launch of the innovative Ultion 2 Star PLUS Security Handle, bringing together the best safety mechanisms in a handle.

It has the molybdenum cylinder security guard, technology already used in the Ultion 2 Star handle, which protects against drilling and lock snapping. 

Combine this with the patented locking mechanism from Brisant’s ‘Lock Lock’ handle, which adds an extra security bolt, and the homeowner has double the protection. The patented anti-tamper spindle is also built in.  

From the inside the homeowner simply lifts the handle and presses down the switch, showing the red half-moon which indicates the door is locked and secure. Whilst the switch is down it is impossible to move the handle up or down therefore the locking mechanism cannot be disengaged. The switch works independently from the actual euro lock barrel.  When the switch is down in the locking position, using the key to try to unlock the door will not work.  It’s the same as having a traditional iron bolt on the inside of the door.  

Once this technology is added to the design of the stylish rounded form of the handle, which stops mole grips being able to rip off the handle, Brisant’s award winning design turns the door from a temptation into a deterrent.  

Manufactured from hardened steel, this handle is coated with six layers of armour plating and survived over a year in the weather test chamber.  It comes with a twenty-year homeowner guarantee, which given the extreme weather conditions we have been facing in the UK over the last few years, has become increasingly important.  Offered in chrome, stainless steel, gold, black, white, anthracite, brushed and the modern rose gold, it will suit all door designs and colours.

The Ultion 2 Star PLUS handle will keep doors locked.