Posted 28th September 2023

Autumn Alert: Safeguarding Your Customers Homes as Burglaries Rise

Navigating the Seasonal Spike in Home Security Concerns

As autumn settles in and the leaves start to paint the streets with hues of gold, homeowners face an unfortunate reality: an increase in burglaries. According to data released by Aviva, burglary claims saw a notable 10% spike during the months of October and November. But what’s behind this seasonal trend? The answer lies in the earlier nightfall and events like Bonfire Night and Halloween, which keep residents away from their homes for extended periods – a perfect opportunity for thieves to strike.

Locksmiths are stepping up to educate and assist customers in safeguarding their homes during this vulnerable period. Here are some practical measures being taken by locksmiths to improve home security:

1. Informing customers

Communication is key. Locksmiths are engaging with customers through informative content, like the one you’re reading now. By including data and real-life scenarios, they’re helping homeowners grasp the significance of boosting their home security. Raising awareness about the potential risks during autumn encourages homeowners to proactively secure their homes.

2. Offering Practical Advice

Believe it or not, even the simplest advice can make a significant difference. Surprisingly, many people forget to lock their doors when they return home or leave their keys unattended outside, making their homes an easy target for burglars. With a friendly nudge from their local locksmith, homeowners are adopting simple yet effective security practices, from locking doors religiously to keeping keys safe.

3. Tailoring Solutions

Recognising that every neighbourhood has its unique safety considerations, locksmiths are tailoring solutions to fit like a glove. They’re in tune with the security needs of local areas. For families in peaceful communities, a 1* or 2* Ultion lock might do the trick. In areas with higher crime rates, a robust 3* security solution is the go-to choice. Additionally, for customers prone to forgetfulness, offering them the convenience of an Ultion Nuki smart lock – one that automatically locks the door behind them – can be a game-changer.

A common misconception among homeowners is that investing in home security is an unnecessary expense. However, nothing could be further from the truth. Locksmiths know that a secure home not only protects one’s family and belongings but also provides peace of mind. 

To explore the range of security solutions provided by Ultion, visit their website at Ultion’s products are designed to cater to different security needs, ensuring that homeowners can find the perfect fit for their peace of mind.