Posted 20th September 2015

A Thumb Turn That Only Locks Out Bad Guys!

Only Locks Out The Bad Guys!

Only Locks Out The Bad Guys!

The Brisant Ultion Thumb Turn is now available. Having the same unique Lock Down Mode as the key / key Ultion means the thumb turn version is just as secure.

Ultion is not like other TS007 3 star or Sold Secure Diamond thumb turns because the independent Lock Down Mode design ensures it is not susceptible to manipulation by thumb turn turners or bent bits of wire.  Also it operates like most other thumb turns whereby it can be overridden by the key from the outside in any position whilst still remaining secure.

Therefore we don’t have to add any additional functions to compensate for it being directly connected to the cam, such as having to push, turn and return to it’s start position, and again more importantly it means you can’t lock yourself out inadvertently giving ultimate security, safety and convenience.