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Posted 22nd May 2024

Ultion Unveils Mobile Showroom

Ultion proudly announces the launch of its new demo van, “The Lockdown Express,” affectionately shortened to “Ellie”. This mobile showcase is equipped with Ultion’s full product range, including a full-size Ultion Bolt demo, designed...
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Posted 29th April 2024

Brisant Secure’s lock is first to pass the new security test

Following a successful test on 25th April 2024, our patented ALPS lock technology is the first to pass the 2024 security test update introduced in January.  This update will be used for 3* euro cylinder locks by Secured by Design, PAS24 and Sold Secure Diamond. Why is there a...
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Posted 27th March 2024

The Future-Proof Lock with a £5,000 Promise

In the fast-paced world of home security, where new threats emerge as quickly as the latest gadgets, Ultion shines as a beacon of hope and safety. Recognising that burglars are always finding new tricks,...
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Posted 15th January 2024

Brisant Acquires 3 -Star Lock Business Deseo

On Friday 5th January Brisant Secure acquired the business and intellectual property of Deseo Locking Systems Limited for an undisclosed sum. Deseo, based in Braintree, is an innovative trailblazer with critical security patents to...
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Posted 11th January 2024

Introducing the Ultion Sweet Universal Blanking Plate

Ultion announces the launch of its latest innovation: the Ultion Sweet Universal Blanking Plate. This addition to the Ultion Sweet furniture range is now in stock and available for shipping. The Ultion Sweet Universal...
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Posted 8th January 2024

Ultion: The Superior Partner to Secure Homes Against Burglary

If you’re in the trade, you know home security is not just a matter of convenience. In a world filled with uncertainties, the choice of a door lock can be the difference between peace...
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Posted 15th December 2023

Ultion’s Commitment to Future-Proof Home Security

In the ever-evolving landscape of home security, staying ahead of potential threats is not just a priority but a necessity. Ultion, a leader in door lock technology, prides itself on anticipating and combating emerging...
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Posted 13th December 2023

Introducing the Ultion Window Handle

In the fast-evolving world of home security and hardware solutions, professionals in the door and glazing industry demand products that not only enhance security but also elevate style. Enter the Ultion Window Handle, the...
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Posted 28th September 2023

Autumn Alert: Safeguarding Your Customers Homes as Burglaries Rise

Navigating the Seasonal Spike in Home Security Concerns As autumn settles in and the leaves start to paint the streets with hues of gold, homeowners face an unfortunate reality: an increase in burglaries. According...
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Posted 23rd August 2023

Brisant Secure Welcomes Charlotte Maynard-Keene as New Midlands Key Accounts Manager

Introducing Our New Key Accounts Manager We’re excited to introduce our newest team member, Charlotte Maynard-Keene, stepping into the role of Midlands Key Accounts Manager at Brisant Secure. With a decade of diverse sales...
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