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The PatLock Revolution

Patlock on the BBC

Since Patlock was featured on the BBC Break In Britain (and repeated several times) its popularity and growth has been phenomenal. Its simple and easy to use design combined with the visual yet attractive deterrent makes Patlock the perfect product for locksmiths to recommend to all of their customers.

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Effectively Simple

Patlock works by the homeowner simply pushing the two parts together around the door handles, and engaging the tamper resistant spindles. To remove they just pull apart. No keys, no combinations. Simple.

Effectively simple patlock
Speech Mark This kind of locksmith friendly system is long overdue and should be really successful. Mike | Locksmith Sheffield Speech Mark

How the Patlock works

Download the
fitting instructions
Download fitting instructions

No drilling required, in fact no tools required

Anti Drill

Patlock makes the perfect bolt-on sale companion.

With a box size of 73mm x 49mm x 400mm it’s small, so a few of these take up hardly any van space. It doesn’t fix to anything, so there is no drilling. It just comes out of the box and wraps around the handles.

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