Ultion’s Keyring links security with smart home technology


Keyring, designed for Ultion keys, is the new smart technology from Brisant Secure. Keyring uses TrackR technology to connect Ultion keys to smartphones using Bluetooth so homeowners can find their key quickly and easily.

When homeowners misplace their key, the TrackR app shows where it was when it was last in range of their phone. They can make the key literally ring using a button on the app. It works the other way around too. When homeowners lose their phone in the house and it’s on silent, they can make it ring using Keyring. The TrackR app also links with Amazon Echo, so homeowners can make their phone ring by voice command too.

Keyring is available for homeowners with Ultion to buy from www.ultion-lock.co.uk. It has an integral battery and buzzer, and fits within an Ultion Keycap. Homeowners can either buy Keyring at initial order (from £29.95) or buy it separately to clip it into an existing Keycap. It’s available in 10 bright colours, with two glow-in-the-dark Night Bright options. Keyring can be specified in the same colour as the Keycap or a different one to stand out.

Brisant CEO Nick Dutton says: “Keyring means homeowners won’t have to frantically search their home for their keys again. They can see it’s in their house using the map on the app, and then they can ring to locate it behind the sofa, or in the kids’ toy box.

“Developments in smart technology take the stress out of day-to-day life, and Keyring is part of that,” adds Nick. “Ultion isn’t just the best cylinder lock, it’s fast becoming a piece of must-have smart home technology.”

Ultion Key Control – another layer of security

Coming soon from Brisant Secure, Ultion Key Control gives homeowners with Ultion yet another layer of security. Key Control prevents unauthorised copies of Ultion keys being cut, but doesn’t make it difficult to get extra keys. All homeowners have to do is register their Ultion online with the unique code embossed on the key. Ultion is the high security cylinder door lock from Brisant Secure.

When they get their new Ultion, homeowners are prompted to register for Key Control at the same time as registering for their free 10 year £1,000 guarantee against lock snapping. They input the number embossed on their key and register it to an email address and a password. Brisant never asks for the address, so the database doesn’t store information that could enable others to get new keys and burgle their home.

Ultion keys can’t be cut like normal keys. Locksmiths need a code to create the right key. The information needed to cut a new key is encoded on the Brisant website. To decode it, licensed Ultion Key Centres need the number embossed on the original Ultion key, and the homeowner’s password.

The homeowner gets an email to tell them that the Key Centre has been given the information to duplicate their key. So homeowners know exactly who is duplicating their key and when. Homeowners are asked to change their password every time the information has been decoded.

Brisant CEO Nick Dutton says: “Key Control gives homeowners even more security because they know exactly who has the information needed to cut their keys. It’s not as easy as someone picking up a key and going and getting it cut at any high-street locksmith, because the embossed code is password protected. The only person with that password is the homeowner.

“We think it’s important for homeowners to have control over their extra keys, which is why we ask them to register,” adds Nick. “We want them to feel totally secure so we never ask for their home address in relation to the key. Even if our database was hacked, homeowner addresses aren’t stored so they’re totally secure against cyber theft too.”

New Ultion Padlock – the ultimate security add-on

Brisant Secure has launched Ultion Padlock. Named because it contains Ultion, Brisant’s high security cylinder door lock, Ultion Padlock gives homeowners the same unrivalled security. Installers selling doors with Ultion can sell this additional product for sheds, garages, and outbuildings so homeowners know all their property is secure.

Homeowners with Ultion in their front door can have their padlock keyed alike so one key opens both locks.

Ultion Padlock is a high security padlock that has achieved the ultimate security accolade, the Master Locksmiths Association’s Sold Secure Gold standard, the highest possible for padlocks. It’s the standard insurance companies request.

Ultion Padlock’s strong shackle is made from Molybdenum, the same material used in Ultion’s Lock Down Mode which keeps homes secure even when put through the most aggressive attacks.

Brisant CEO Nick Dutton says: “Ultion Padlock is part of our ‘Sold Secure’ range, and contains an Ultion cylinder, that’s why we’ve given it the Ultion name. Homeowners want to keep their homes secure, but they also have sheds, garages, or even bike storage that holds expensive equipment outside their homes too. Why shouldn’t they be able to lock them with Ultion security?

“Installers selling real-life Ultion security know it sells doors. Now they can sell Ultion Padlock as an add-on for homeowners wanting protection for all their stuff.”

“Now homeowners can have a lock that locks their door and a padlock that locks their shed, with just one key to open both. It means homeowners won’t be searching the house for the padlock key they’ve lost because it’s the same key they use in their front door every day.”


Ultion’s quick sell

A new Ultion webpage tells visitors the benefits of an Ultion secured door in just 90 seconds. The page is designed to tell the trade and homeowners why they should sell, or buy Ultion, the high security cylinder door lock from Brisant Secure.

The webpage (Ultion.co.uk) shows a video of Ultion keeping a home secure and another cylinder that lets the burglar in after just 9 seconds, Ultion’s security credentials, and its security add-ons in the form of Keycap and Keyring for Ultion keys. Ultion Padlock serves as the perfect add-on for homes with Ultion security. Now the bike and mower can be secure too!

A second powerful one minute video summarises why installers sell more doors with Ultion.

Brisant CEO Nick Dutton says: “There’s a lot of information to take in when you sell doors, and security is critical. They want it, and they want to know how to get it, but they don’t want to know the details. That’s why we’ve developed this webpage. In 90 seconds anyone visiting gets the key points about Ultion. They can see it working in real life, the accreditations it has, and the fun extras homeowners can get for their Ultion keys too.”

“Installers say they sell more doors with Ultion,” continues Nick. “Ultion is in a league of its own because of its complete security package. It makes security exciting because homeowners don’t just get a secure lock, they get a £1,000 guarantee, funky personalisation, glow-in-the-dark keys, and keys that ring using an app on their smartphone.”

Brisant is CIM Marketing Excellence Awards finalist

Ultion is the lock that sells doors

Brisant Secure is a finalist in this year’s CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) Marketing Excellence Awards. In partnership with MRA Marketing, Brisant has been shortlisted in the Best Use of Digital Marketing category for its work on Ultion, Brisant’s high security cylinder door lock.

Ultion’s marketing is designed to help customers sell more doors. The website shows both trade customers and homeowners the extra security they get when they choose a door with Ultion. Easy-to-install banners make it quick for Ultion customers to add the high security door lock to their own website, linking to a summary webpage that explains Ultion’s security.

The CIM Marketing Excellence Awards recognise and celebrate outstanding marketing by companies and individuals across all sectors nationwide. The judges include experts from a wide range of high profile companies including Google, LinkedIn, and Mondelez.

Brisant CEO Nick Dutton says: “We’re really pleased that Ultion’s digital marketing has been acknowledged by such a high profile awards event. We’ve worked hard to create a platform that talks to both the homeowner and trade seamlessly, and help our customers sell more doors. And it’s working.”

Brisant’s sales quadrupled in 2016 as Ultion took the door market by storm. Its unbeatable security credentials and added extras including its free 10 year £1,000 guarantee against burglary by lock snapping, and the launch of Keycap and Keyring for Ultion keys, makes Ultion more than just a cylinder door lock.

“Ultion is transforming the cylinder market,” continues Nick. “It isn’t just a cylinder, it’s a lock that sells doors because not only does it keep homes secure, it also personalises keys with Keycap, and is the ultimate smart accessory with Keyring.”

Winners of the CIM Marketing Excellence Awards will be announced at an event in London on the 27th April.

Ultion drives Brisant’s quadrupled sales

Ultion sales drive Brisant growth

Ultion, the high security cylinder door lock from Brisant Secure, has taken the door market by storm and is powering Brisant’s fast growth. Sales have quadrupled in the last year as more door manufacturers have switched to sell Ultion security in their doors as standard.

Ultion’s unique Lock-Down Mode stops burglars gaining entry even when the cylinder is put through the most aggressive attacks. It is BSI Kitemarked TS007 3*, has achieved the Master Locksmiths Association’s Sold Secure Diamond, and is Secured by Design. But it’s more than just a cylinder lock; Ultion helps installers sell more doors.

Brisant CEO Nick Dutton says: “Ultion isn’t just a secure cylinder door lock, it comes with a free 10 year £1,000 guarantee against lock snapping. And homeowners can upgrade their keys with Keycap and Keyring too. Where Keycap makes it easy to identify keys, Keyring brings smart technology to Ultion so homeowners never lose their keys again.”

Keyring uses TrackR technology to link Ultion keys to the TrackR app on a smartphone via Bluetooth. Homeowners use the app to find their lost keys and make their keys ring if they still can’t see them.

“Ultion sells doors because it isn’t just a cylinder door lock – it’s a complete security ecosystem, and that’s why door manufacturers, installers, and homeowners love it,” adds Nick. “We’ve grown incredibly fast so far, and have no intention of slowing down. There’s a lot more to come from Brisant Secure!”

Brisant gets 12 times more warehouse space to continue fast growth

Brisant Secure has moved to a new building with over 12 times more warehouse space than its old premises. The creator of Ultion, the high security cylinder door lock, has acquired a new building to increase its capacity and continue its fast growth.

Brisant Secure launched Ultion in May 2015. The most secure cylinder lock on the market passes even the most aggressive tests. It is BSI Kitemarked TS007 3*, has achieved the Master Locksmiths Association’s Sold Secure Diamond, and is Secured By Design. Ultion has driven Brisant’s fast growth since its launch, and there’s no sign of it slowing down.

Brisant CEO Nick Dutton says: “Ultion has created an avalanche in the door market. Most large and medium door manufacturers switched quickly to Ultion security as standard. Some buy doors, throw away the cylinder, and replace it with Ultion because homeowners want real security, and Ultion, the most secure cylinder door lock you can buy, sells doors.”

Brisant’s national homeowner survey found that 85% of homeowners say security is what they want when buying a new door. So Ultion, which offers real-life security, sells doors for installers across the country.

“We’ve moved just down the road, and with the space we have now we can continue to grow very fast,” adds Nick. “We’ve spent the last few months developing the space and building new office facilities. Now we’re in, we’re keen to make the most of it and fill it quickly!”

Ultion’s bright idea makes keys glow in the dark


Two glow-in-the-dark Night Bright colours have been added to Brisant Secure’s Keycap and Keyring range for Ultion keys. Ultion is the high security cylinder door lock from Brisant Secure that is proving to be a tool that helps customers sell doors.

Homeowners can personalise their Ultion key with Keycap, choosing from one of 10 bright colours so they can easily identify the keys by door or person. With Keyring, homeowners can also track their keys using their smartphone, making them ring when they can’t find them.

Brisant Secure CEO Nick Dutton says: “The two Night Bright colours make Keycap and Keyring even more visible. They glow in the dark, so homeowners won’t be fumbling for their keys anymore. And even though they have this extra benefit, the Night Bright colours are the same price as the other eight colours.

“Homeowners love that they can personalise their key with Keycap,” continues Nick. “And they love Keyring because when they can’t find their key, they can track it. It’s smart technology for your keys.”

Keyring is fitted with TrackR technology, which links via Bluetooth to a smartphone app. The app shows the user where their key was the last time it was in range of the phone. Homeowners can use the app to make the key ring so it’s even easier to find. They can use the key to make their smartphone ring if it’s lost and on silent.

“Keys are the one thing we take everywhere,” adds Nick, “so having an app that means we’ll never lose them again is priceless. And why wouldn’t we want them in our favourite colours too? Homeowners love the whole concept. And customers are finding it’s yet another way Ultion helps them sell doors.”

A price cut as promised


Britain’s Brexit vote sent sterling into a spin. Since then its value has fallen by around 16% against the dollar.

Some companies banged prices up immediately to gain extra margin. Brisant took on all supplier price rises in the first three months after the referendum, then absorbed half the increases – something we continue to do. We also promised that when the value of sterling rises or falls by a whole $0.05, our prices would change too by 2.5%.

Now, with sterling over $1.25 our prices have come down immediately and automatically by 2.5% this Monday 14th November, as promised.

Brisant customers can monitor sterling’s movements , and its impact on prices in real time here. It’s fair, transparent and there’s no hiding extra margin.

Brisant 4 times finalist in Construction Marketing Awards


Brisant Secure has been shortlisted for four Construction Marketing Awards (CMA) for its Ultion lock campaign. Ultion, Brisant’s high security cylinder door lock, was launched in 2015 and has created a landslide. The Construction Marketing Awards is the leading marketing awards for the UK construction industry, and is run by the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Construction Industry group.

Brisant’s very successful campaign has been shortlisted in Strategic Planning and Management, Best use of Press and Public Relations, Best use of Website, and Best Big Budget Campaign.

Brisant CEO Nick Dutton says: “Our marketing campaign has rapidly changed perceptions of security in the door industry. A lot of door manufacturers and installers now use Ultion as their standard offer. Some even buy doors, throw away the locks and fit Ultion instead.

“Being shortlisted for four CMAs is a testament to the teams at Brisant and MRA Marketing, who have worked in partnership to create a very effective campaign to change the markets. We’re looking forward to the awards event in London on 1st December!”